For many young people across the country, spring break is a fun-filled, care-free time. From the day parties to the nightlife, the entire week long event is an endless cycle of enjoyment. Unfortunately, when you throw alcohol in the mix, you can be left dealing with a hangover that can ruin the rest of your trip. Even in moderation, alcohol can cause hangovers that can take all the fun out of your vacation. Some party-goers suffer from hangovers even when they drink below their limit. However, there are luckily 4 easy ways to help beat the Spring Break hangover the morning after partying.

Turns out alcohol is full of toxins that make your hangover worse. Before you start drinking, load up on hydrating liquids like water. Once you’re at the party, alternating between water and mixed drinks will let you last longer and prevent headaches later.
Eat a hearty meal before you darty. Alcohol leaches essential nutrients which causes those horrific hangovers.
Sleep is not a cure-all but it definitely helps. Shoot for a solid 8 hours before your next round of partying.
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