Migraine sufferers know the signs. Whether it begins with a throbbing headache, nausea, sensitivity to light or spans of aura, a migraine can quickly escalate and derail your day (and for some, even longer).

Frequent migraine suffers probably also know their triggers. Any number of deviations from your daily routine can set off a migraine – missing a meal, skimping on sleep or overdoing the alcohol or caffeine. And of course there are things completely out your control like stress, weather changes and travel that can trigger a migraine and what often seems the most inconvenient of times.

But the root causes of migraines aren’t understood, though research continues to explore various factors that play a role including heredity and the trigeminal nerve. Without a universally effective treatment, migraine sufferers are left navigating a hodgepodge of options. This often leads to a “try it ’til you find it” approach.

Many patients make changes to their diets and sleeping patterns in addition to regimenting a revolving door of medications to find the right combination that will stave off their headaches. Within the past several years, ancient approaches such as acupuncture have made a comeback, while new treatments and technologies are being marketed for migraine relief, such as Botox.

And now, a growing body of research has supported intravenous vitamin therapy as an effective treatment for migraine relief. Infusing critical vitamins and medicines directly into the bloodstream can stop acute migraines in their tracks, offering patients near-immediate relief from their symptoms. Chronic or frequent sufferers are also finding relief in ongoing treatments plans.