As Southerners who are prone to seasonal allergies know very well, the South is not a hospitable place to be in when summer comes around every year.

Tennessee, Mississippi, Kansas, South Carolina, Kentucky have some of the worst conditions in the United States on account of pollen in the air that will stay active now for several months to come.

The worst culprit is of course, ragweed. A single ragweed plant produces more than one billion pollen grains, and these grains can travel up to 400 miles in the wind. And they grow abundantly wherever they can lay down roots: along roads, in vacant lots, in open fields, in your neighbor’s overgrown backyard…

This means chronic coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose because there’s no way to hide from the air-borne allergens at this time of year.

To help you face the season with forbearance and fortitude, we have rounded up 5 things you can do to alleviate your allergies this year:

# 1: Avoid These Foods

Don’t eat veggies and fruits like zucchinis, cucumbers, bananas and melons if you are susceptible to ragweed allergy. Other triggers you should be aware of are chamomile tea, sunflower seeds, honey and other types of food that contain pollen from the Compositae family.

# 2: Shower Before Sleep

Shower before bed if you have spent a lot of time outdoors. Wash your hair thoroughly too, so you don’t bring allergens into the bed. Also, bathe your pets often. Clean their paws after they’ve been out on a walk or playing in the yard.

# 3: Keep Car Windows Closed

Close windows in your car to keep airborne pollen out, and use the air-conditioner instead. When you first turn on the AC, remember to hold your breath for a short time and leave the windows open so the allergens collected inside the car can disperse.

# 4: Buy Some Indoor Plants

Indoor contaminants stagnate in the air due to lack of ventilation and faulty heating and air-conditioning ducts. An extremely effective – and aesthetic – way to cleanse the air in your home or office is by decorating with a variety of toxin-absorbing indoor plants. The use of plants (such as English Ivy, Spider Plant, Peace Lily and Boston Fern) as decontaminants is called Phytoremediation, and studies show that introducing the right kind of greenery in your living space can remove as much as 90 per cent of airborne allergy-causing agents in only 24 hours!

# 5: Enjoy A Hydralive Therapy

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