On the first Monday of every September since 1894, we celebrate Labor Day to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of workers who make America great.

From the pioneering days of settling this country, our workforce has proved to be foundational in creating a nation of immigrants where dream comes true, through hope and hard work, and we honor all the men and women who are still working long hours and sacrificing their health and wellbeing to make that dream a reality for each and every one of us.

But there’s a huge, long-term price they are paying for their service.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the rate at which health deteriorates with age is faster in manual occupations than in non-manual occupations. And at Hydralive, we understand the kind of toll exhaustion can take over a person’s mind and body all too well. For example:

• Working overtime or working too hard increases risk for a wide range of health-related problems including heart disease, heart attack and high blood pressure. (A 2010 study found working 10 or more hours a day resulted in a 60% increase in the risk of cardiovascular issues.)

• Work-related stress prompts the body to release hormones like cortisol that can increase blood pressure and cause stroke, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

• Lack of sufficient sleep because of exhaustion affects judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and increase the risk of serious accidents and injury.

The list just goes on…

For many people whose health and wellness are severely impacted by physical and mental exhaustion, oral supplements are not enough to redress the underlying biochemical issues, especially in cases of long-standing fatigue.

This is where IV therapy comes in with nutrient infusions and cocktails, delivered intravenously, to make up for the vitamin/mineral deficiencies and strengthen the immune system. The nutrients enter the bloodstream directly, instead of having to go via a circuitous route through the digestion system that makes them lose their potency, and patients suffering from exhaustion report feeling revived and energized immediately after the treatment.

At Hydralive, we offer a variety of IV therapies prepared to neutralize the debilitating impacts of exhaustion. We even customize treatments, after personal consultations and health tests, to make sure our clients get maximum benefits from the exhaustion-fighting nutrients we’re replenishing them with.

If you’re suffering from physical and mental exhaustion on account of working too hard, visit one of our Hydralive clinics where we can help you take curative or preventive measures and return your mind and body to a state of optimal wellness.

Labor Day reminds us of the long-term risks of working too hard or working overtime, and we are standing by to help you make the best decision you have ever made for yourself: saving your health before you become one of 43% of Americans who are chronically too tired to function optimally at work.