“Just one more drink…” “It’s a special occasion…” “It’s an open bar…”

If you have used any of these excuses to drink too much during an evening out, you probably know what it is like to wake up the next morning with a monster hangover.

Mouth feeling dry as cotton, head about to explode, tremors, shivers, lethargy, nausea… A stomach that is screaming for food, but the thought of eating bringing the nausea back up again because you’re almost sure that the lining of your gut has been corroded away by the enormous amount of alcohol, that seemed like such a fun idea the night before…

You’ll swear you will never do shots again, hang out with your boozy friends again, see the inside of a bar again, because no amount of fun can compensate for the near-death feeling you know you’re going to have to tolerate for the next who-knows-how-many-hours.


But we know you will.

Perhaps, we all will.

Because the lessons learned in the throes of a hangover are quickly forgotten once we bounce back, and so the cycle repeats again and again.

No judgements here. Just an extremely uncomfortable fact of life.

Now, if you’re someone who knows how to drink responsibly, you’re happy and lucky. But if you’re not, then we’re going to teach you just one habit that will help you manage hangovers the next time you throw caution to the winds.


Alcohol causes dehydration, because they act like a diuretic. For every alcoholic drink you have, your body can expel up to four times as much liquid.  And the lack of fluids not only strips your body of precious electrolytes but exaggerates the symptoms of hangover as well.

Hydrating to lessen the effects of a hangover is a three-part process. Below, we will explain each:

Hydrating BEFORE A Night Out

You probably don’t want to hear the science of it, so we’ll get straight down to what you’re reading this article to know. Sixty percent of our bodies is made up of water, and H2O is a principle catalyst for digestion that helps to process food and drink in the stomach at a much faster rate.

So, if you drink more water before a night out on the town, the alcohol you consume afterwards will flush out of your system more quickly than if you hadn’t. And you’ll feel better the next morning for it.

IV therapy is, of course, the best way to hydrate before you hit the alcohol, because the intravenous drip, powered with all the right vitamins and nutrients, will skip past your digestive system and go straight into your bloodstream, speeding up your body’s hydration status. Way faster, and more effectively than just drinking water can.

Click HERE if you want to try a quick pre-party IV therapy to test this theory out for yourself.

Hydrating DURING A Night Out

• The best way to drink and stay hydrated is to alternate every drink with a glass of water.

• Choose beverages that have some water component. On the rocks, for example, instead of neat.

• Munch on sticks of celery instead of buffalo wings! Almost 20% of our total hydration come from water-rich foods, and a veggie platter is a great snack option when you’re drinking a lot of alcohol.

• Try to stay away from high-sodium foods and drinks. Salt draws water into circulating volume, leading to increased urination, and if you’re not replenishing this water loss, you can quickly become dehydrated.

• Avoid beer if you can if you’re planning to go the long haul. A mug of beer fills you up quickly, and you won’t be inclined to pace it with water as the night goes on.

Hydrating AFTER A Night Out

• Try to drink one glass of water every hour after a night of heavy drinking. Don’t overdo it though, because you’ll be risking water intoxication.

• Consume sports drinks that contain electrolytes.

• Drink ginger ale. Ginger soothes a disturbed stomach.

•  If you have already messed up and are currently feeling the worst symptoms of a monster hangover, come visit one of our Hydralive clinics for hangover recovery. Our blended mix of electrolytes, vitamins and medications will quickly replenish your system and you can go to your important work meeting or show up at your family event or wherever you need to be without looking beat from the worst of a night spent having too much fun.

Drink responsibly, folks! But if you don’t, come to one of our Hydralive clinics. We’ll make sure your life is not derailed just because you had one or two or a dozen drinks too many!