What’s a football season without at least one epic tailgate party?

Tailgaits, the much-loved American tradition where people gather pre-game to share food, beverages and team spirit at a stadium parking lot, is as important to the football experience as the game itself. Bratwursts, burgers, buffalo wings and beer, all served off the back of trucks to a gathered group of fans who are rooting together for their teams in the most boisterous and excited ways.

The atmosphere is high-energy and everybody’s in a mood to party – which means chances of dehydration, indigestion and sunstroke are pretty high too.

If you’re attending a tailgate this season, enjoy the heck out of the event, but make it a safe one as well!

# 1: Hydrate With IV Therapy Before You Go Tailgating

One of the safest ways to avoid the sudden onset of dehydration from too much sun exposure or `frontloading’ (drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in a short space of time) is to prepare your body in advance with minerals and nutrients.

AtHydralive, we offer the convenient services of `mobile clinics’ that will come to you on game day if you don’t have time to come to us. An RN will be in attendance, who will administer the treatment. There is a $ 120 house call fee and all normal membership discounts will apply.

# 2: Snack Before You Feast

One of the biggest attractions of a tailgate party is of course the food but eating a high-protein/high-fiber snack beforehand will reduce temptations to binge on all the greasy tailgate fare that can cause indigestion and heartburn.

# 3: Eat Off A Plate

Instead of grazing at the tailgate buffet, serve yourself on a plate. You will be fully aware of how much you are eating then, and also be able to balance your intake with fruits and salads.

# 4: Be Careful Of Food Poisoning

Don’t take unnecessary food-poisoning risks. Tailgate food is often left out in the open at temperatures that promote bacterial contamination. Choose items that are fresh off the grill and use a hand sanitizer before you touch anything you eat.

# 5: Focus On Socializing

Tailgates are a great time to make new friends while catching up with old ones. Use the opportunity to enjoy conversations with others, as this will keep you engaged in activities other than the food and drink.

# 6: Move At Half Time

Go for a brisk walk, for example, at half time to get an energy boost and work off some of the tailgate food and drinks you have consumed.

# 7: Resist The Temptation To Nibble And Sip

Food and drinks at a tailgate are like popcorn at the movies. Be aware of mindless eating and keep a bottle of water in your hand instead of reaching for another beer.

Good luck!