Not trying to scare anyone here, but the outlook on the current flu season is not good. 

More than 42 million cases of flu were reported last year, and according to CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention) estimates, there were 61,200 deaths and over 600,000 people hospitalized. It was the longest flu season in a decade. 

The portents for this year are alarming as well, and US health professionals are preparing for the virus to come back with a vengeance in the winter of 2019-2020.

Flu season started in October and is expected to ramp up between December and February. Now is the time to make sure you and your family are taking all the right steps to avoid the annual scourge of the flu and be present for the Holiday festivities with great health, enthusiasm and wellness.

We’re going to help you do just that with this list of anti-flu precautions. So keep on reading:

# 1: Please Get Your Flu Shots – If You Already Haven’t

More than 40% of Americans forgo this free service (the cost is included in your health insurance) our health department is offering to keep us protected. True, the efficacy of a flu shot is not a 100% guarantee. The flu virus morphs and regenerates every year – which makes it so virulent – but having the shot anyway reduces risks of complications even if you do happen to get sick.

# 2: Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Flu spreads with touch. And when you’re out and about, you are always touching something. Keep a hand sanitizer handy. And use it often. When you shake hands, open doors, hold the rails in buses and trains. Wash your hands as often as you can. 

# 3: Fortify Your Body’s Natural Immune System

Zinc and Vitamin C are your best allies during a flu outbreak. Increase your dietary intake of both these infection-fighters with foods like sweet peppers, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and winter squash (for vitamin C) and lamb, beef, spinach, legumes, seeds, nuts and dairy (for zinc).

# 4: Don’t Compromise On Sleep

We know this is the festive season and you want to make the most of your evenings. Try to maintain a regular sleep timetable though, because that is when your body chemistry does all its imperceptible good work to make sure your health and immune system are functioning at an optimal level. And keep grinches, like the nasty flu virus, at bay.

# 5: Be Extra-Careful In Crowds

Crowded places like airline cabins or movie theatres are breeding grounds for infections to spread. This time of year, they are particularly unsavory because of the clear-and-present threat of flu floating in the air. We understand that wearing a nose-and-mouth mask may cramp your style when you’re out on a movie date night or traveling to join your family for Christmas celebrations. 

At least wash your hands often. Don’t stick your hand into the chair pocket in front of you in an airplane. (Those pockets are literally the most germ-infested area in an airplane. Yes, more than the bathrooms.) Be aware that we touch our eyes, nose, mouth or face every 20 seconds, and make sure you’re not doing it with un-sanitized hands. If someone coughs or sneezes near you, hold your breath for as long as you comfortably can. And then exhale and inhale into a sanitized wipe napkin.

# 6: Be Extra Careful With Children

Kids will do what they will. Sure, you can keep an eye on them when they are at home or travelling with you. But other times? What can you really do? Teach them why they need to use the hand sanitizer while they are at school. If you think that message will stick, without turning them into a germophobe for life, we totally support you doing it. As long as you moderate your lessons.

# 7: Get An IV Therapy

IV therapy sounds like a hospital treatment when you’re sick. Actually, it is a very affordable lifestyle choice. If you want to live well, with your body functioning optimally, the nutrients, vitamins and other fortification minerals that an IV therapy can put into your body is absorbed fully and instantaneously. Get in touch with us at Hydralive Therapy if you want to learn how IV therapy can boost your immunity system and give you a short-cut solution to good health and good life – especially when the flu is running rampant in our communities.

You can buy memberships and gift cards during the holidays to gift that feeling of wellness to yourself – and family and loved ones too!

Stay safe, stay healthy and best wishes for a memorable holiday!