Ever wondered how much we Americans spend on holiday gifts?

According to the National Retail Federation, it’s likely to be nearly $ 30 billionthis year.

And how many of those gifts will be returned or exchanged after the Holidays? Over 28 per cent.

When you think of the time and effort we put into choosing, wrapping and ribboning gifts that may well be returned to the store within a week after Christmas, it comes as no surprise gift cards have become so popular as a simple but satisfying option that pleases everybody. 

And we at Hydralive Therapy are helping our clients gift good health and wellness too, with the introduction of Hydralive gift cards.

Our gift cards are not preloaded, so you can choose whatever money amount suits your budget. And we have membership plans as well, that are available throughout the year. (Click HERE to see the Membership packages.)

Even though IV therapy infusions, injections and cryotherapy are fast gaining popularity in the United States, a lot of people are still unaware these options are available at a Hydralive clinic near them in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. Gift cards, therefore, are the perfect incentive to make your friends, co-workers and loved ones come in and try the treatments we offer – from weight management, massages and mental health, to illness recovery, pain management and stress-relief.

Our experienced team of RNs are always on hand to help them choose the treatments they need to step into the new year feeling good and looking great! And what’s more, they can enjoy the benefits of IV therapy in the comfort of their homes and offices too!

Contact us for Hydralive gift cards by clicking HERE.