Do you find it hard to transition from the holidays into the New Year without missing a beat? 

If you do, you’re not alone. 

Post-Holiday depression is a pretty common phenomenon during the tail-end of December in the United States. We all know the festivities are now drawing to a close, the lights and decorations will come down, and our emotions, which had been stretched like an elastic band during the excitement of the holidays, will soon snap back – with a vicious sting!

Back to normallife. Back to contemplating how we’re going to make the coming year better than the last one. What we’re going to do to improve yourselves, our circumstances, our lives.

Let’s face it. New Year resolutions are fun to think about, but pretty hard to act on sometimes. Which is why 80% of them fail by mid-February.

In fact, Strava, a social network for athletes that has analyzed over 31.5 million pieces of data on this has even predicted the day when the first cracks in our New Year resolutions begin to show: January 12.

Just 12 days into the year, we set ourselves up for failure.


Lack of planning mostly. 

Ideas will remain just ideas unless you have a timetable of concrete actions to materialize them.

In this article, we’re going to help 55% of adult Americans who make New Year resolutions to live healthier, look better and feel great (according to the Personality & Psychology Bulletin) by itemizing an actionable plan that doesn’t weaken in less than 2 weeks and finally fall apart by mid-February.

Read on:

# 1: Make A Vision Board With “Good Food” Inspirations

You will probably buy a shopping cart-full of salad ingredients in the beginning of the year because you have resolved to eat healthy. But if you don’t actually enjoy leafy greens, those packets of spinach and kale will just rot in the fridge, and all you’ll have done is waste money on food you somehow “forgot” to eat. (You know exactlywhat we mean.)

Romanticize the right kind of foods instead. 

Create a vision board with pictures of wonderfully healthy foods. Display it in your kitchen, so whenever you’re about to prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can see just how tasty the cherry tomato looks. Or how mouthwateringly crunchy that caesar salad appears with just a tiny dollop of fat-free dressing. Or a nutty, tasty quinoa salad.

# 2: Plus The Good Foods – Don’t Minus The Bad Ones!

Concentrate on addition instead of subtraction. The more you think of what you can’teat, the weaker your resolution will get. Focus on all the food you caneat instead and expand your weekly food choices with them.

# 3: Don’t Wait Until You’re Hungry To Think Of Food

This is a very common mistake we make with our daily meals. When you’re hungry and don’t have a meal plan for the day, you’ll reach for all the wrong things when you realize you’re starving.

# 4: Detox Your Kitchen

Remove all temptations from your pantry and fridge. They’re called temptations for a reason!

# 5: Put On Your Exercise Shoes

Unless you’re a habitual runner or a fitness buff, motivation is hard to come by at the end of a tiring workday. We find that during those bittersweet moments when you’re choosing between a workout or the television, putting on your exercise shoes tips the balance towards the better decision.

Try it. You’ll be surprised.

# 6: Treat Failures Like Wobbly Footstools To Success

Don’t give up the first time you fail your self-improvement plans. It’s par for the course and nothing’s lost – yet. Resume your diet or exercise schedule and remember each day is a brand new beginning.

# 7: Find 3 Minutes To Experiment With Cryotherapy

Let’s put you in a cryrotherapy chamber for just 3 minutes and allow the exposure to extreme cold do its magic. You’ll come out feeling elated and energized by a rush of endorphins and happy hormones, and the feeling will last for days. In fact, do it once a week, and you’ll probably be sailing through mid-February with no thoughts of giving up on your New Year resolutions. (Book a Cryo session by clicking HERE. Or get in touch with us at a Hydralive therapy clinic nearest you, and we’ll tell you all about it).

# 8: Write: “I am Enough”

Finally, a golden piece of advice that comes from Marissa Peers, Britain’s best-known motivational coach. Personal failures, she believes, are born from a cellular memory planted during childhood of not feeling worthy of good things. The simplest and easiest way to break this disempowering psychological block is to write “I am Enough” and displaying it in a prominent place where you will see it every day. The 3-word affirmation of self-worth works like a charm, if you let it. Your subconscious mind will start letting go of its customary resistance to self-improvement and you’ll rock your resolutions this year.

Good luck!