Ever watched a beauty pageant?

Where a line-up of the most beautiful women appears on stage, but only three get to win the much-coveted crowns?

If so, you may have noticed that as the shows go on, and more and more girls get eliminated, the focus shifts from outer beauty to the inner one. Judges already know the remaining finalists are all beautiful. Now they are curious to find out if the girls are equally as impressive on the inside to merit a sash and a crown.

Inner beauty becomes the deciding factor. And the three girls who prove their inner essence best, get to win the day.

Real life is not much different from beauty pageants in that way.

No matter how on-point we are with our figures, faces and fashion, there is always someone better looking around the corner. And if our physical attractiveness is not backed up with inner substance, we’re not winning any crowns that day.

Indeed, beauty is an inside job.

But how to cultivate an inner space of beauty which is in perfect harmony with the outside one?

Here are some tips to get you started on this journey that encompasses the mind, body and spirit:

# 1: Style Yourself From The Inside Out

You cannot control how people react to you if you cannot control how you react to yourself. And most times, people are not very happy with the report card they give themselves.

Your mind probably is not currently happening the way you want it. Your body is not happening the way you want it, your emotions are not happening the way you want it or your life energies are not happening the way you want it.

Working to bring each of these areas into balance is the core challenge of inner beauty that must be understood and accepted first.

# 2: Comparison Is A Spirit Killer

You don’t have to be the most beautiful person in the room. Because nobody else is taking stock of all the men or the women present and measuring them up against you. Only you are. And the constant internal, self-deprecating chatter is not cool.

The more you compare yourself with others, the more you will be afraid to fail, and the more you fear failure, the more uncertain you will become about who you are and how attractive your inner self is.

# 3: Physical Beauty Isn’t All That Complicated

The three basic principles of physical beauty in women are: a) clear skin b) facial symmetry c) 75% waist-to-hip ratio. Everything else is anecdotal. So even as you’re self-conscious about some loose skin on your upper arm or how large your feet are, rest assured that they’re not detracting from the overall package that is you.

# 4: Don’t Hide Behind Make-Up

We all love make-up in varying degrees. The problem arises when we cannot even step out of the home without a full face of it. Developing the courage to be seen sometimes with a no-make-up look is an effective way to break this co-dependency and feel comfortable with just who we are.

# 5: Know The Difference Between Reality And Illusion

Boost your self-confidence by finally understanding that your less-than-kind beliefs and ideas about yourself are not events that are happening in reality. They are only happening only in your head, and they really don’t exist.

# 6: Self-Trust Is More Important That Self-Love

Before you can begin to love yourself, lose the fear of trusting yourself first. Because if you don’t trust yourself, it’s easy to be influenced by others, and easy to keep second-guessing your best decisions. Not to mention, put other people in the driver’s seat of your life.

# 7: Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Past Mistakes

A person with inner beauty is not afraid to make mistakes. It’s part of the uniqueness of who he or she is and a journey towards growth and wisdom. 

# 9: Make Health A Priority

Commit to yourself that from this point on, you will take measurable steps to improve your health with a good diet and regular exercise. A well-maintained mind and body is the true secret of inner beauty – and even you know it!

# 10: Nourish Your Soul

Do at least one activity every day that calms the mind and feeds the soul. From journaling to a few minutes of quiet meditation – anything you choose will get you out of your head and in a place where focus and internal harmony is born.

# 11: Don’t Be Last On The List Of People You Care For

Invest in yourself! Remember that beauty is merely a by-product of feeling good, living healthy and having a sense of well-being at most times. But the job isn’t easy. Don’t shy away from self-care as a selfish pursuit. Unless you’re feeling good about yourself, you have not much of value to offer to others.