The fun thing about goals is they’re so enjoyable to dream of. When they take shape in our imagination, fully finished with all the final touches and proudly out there for the world to see. 

The problem is motivation. It’s fickle nature burns bright in the beginning, but quickly begins to fade as time goes on, leaving us stumbling in the resulting darkness where we can no longer see our way. And therefore, the goals remain unreached and unrealized. And we consider ourselves failures.

Below, we will give you 7 ways to ensure that light never dies. So, you can dust off those old goals or pursue new ones with a renewed sense of purpose.

# 1: Check On Your Motivation Daily

American author and speaker Zig Ziglar, once said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” 

Motivation is an emotion. And like any emotion, it ebbs and flows. The trick is to accept the ebbs as an inevitable event and ride the flows.

# 2: Remember Your Whys

Goalsetting is not a random event. You had a very good reason, or perhaps several, to set one. Having your goal visually illustrated is a tried and tested way to never lose sight of them. Create a vision board, write your whys down on the wall, make them a wallpaper on your devises. Whatever keeps them alive in your mind, and always front and center in your thoughts.

# 3: Don’t Let Everyday Life Distract You

Distractions are everywhere, and often it is hard not to get sidelined by the series of not-so-important chores and duties that steal our time and make us stray from our true path. Multi-tasking is an overrated skill that tires you out on your true purpose and doesn’t help you excel  at anything.

# 4: Treat Actions Like Habits

Who here really enjoys brushing their teeth first thing in the morning with a mounting sense of adventure? No one I suppose. Yet we do it as soon as we wake up every day because it’s a habit. And habits don’t need much motivation or thinking.

# 5: Keep Short-Terms Actions In Your Head And The Joy Of Goal Completion In Your Heart

Goal completion is not a short sprint but a long-term journey. Like flying to an international beach destination, which means arranging tickets, booking hotels, packing bags, taking a cab to the airport, checking in etc. Breaking up that kind of experience into small, manageable tasks keeps the mind focused on what you need to accomplish first. Enjoying the visual of yourself on a hammock by the clear sea on a beach in the Maldives once you finally reach, will power those tasks with the promise of an ultimate reward.

# 6: Track Your Progress

Imagine a game of football being played with no one keeping score? How motivated will any of the players be then? Tracking your progress and celebrating even your smallest successes keep you excited about achieving bigger ones. 

# 7: Eat Right, Sleep Well

Rest and nutrition have a direct impact on our emotions. And motivation is an emotion that springs from a sense of good health and well-being.

Good luck!