We’re Hiring | Hydralive Therapy Marketing Event Team Member

We’re Hiring | Hydralive Therapy Marketing Event Team Member

Here’s your chance to join the IV League! Hydralive Therapy Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Nashville are hiring for our event team.


Founded in 2016, Hydralive Therapy® is the premiere standalone IV therapy clinic with locations in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Hydralive wellness spas offer IV therapy infusions, injections, cryotherapy and massage therapy. Treatments are tested and overseen by a board-certified physician and are administered by registered nurses in a clean, safe and soothing environment.

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The primary responsibility of this position is to assist with the administration, management, and directing of all events in which Hydralive Therapy is a vendor/sponsor. This position will be a front-line public relations person for the Hydralive. During a vendor/sponsor event or another Hydralive Therapy event, this position will assist the entire staff and may have partial authority to assign tasks, train and supervise. Our high energy, fast-paced environment will require this position to be attentive to details, make quick decisions and work well under pressure.


•      Assist Marketing Manager with a wide variety of event related duties

•      Assist with detailed planning & implementation of event plans

•      Provide superior customer service to Hydralive Therapy customers and potential customers through face-to-face interactions at our events.

•      Learn about the benefits and services of our apps to effectively market to customers.

•      Collaborate with marketing manager – sharing feedback and insights, distribution of marketing collateral, assistance in associated promotional activity.


•      Excellent people and organizational skills

•      Self-motivated team player

•      Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•      Computer skills


Hours vary per event, and may be as few as three (3) or as many as eight (8). Events are both indoor and outdoor.

Each marketing event team member is expected to dress presentably because he/she will be working with individuals associated with Hydralive Therapy and will be serving as a public relations person. The team member must remain trustworthy, undergo any required training, and agree to keep all information concerning the Hydralive Therapy confidential.

Resume Submission
Please submit resumes directly to marketing@hydralivetherapy.com and note “Hydralive Event Team” in subject line. Hydralive Therapy thanks all applicants but will contact only those who will be invited for an interview.

IV Therapy and Men’s Health

IV Therapy and Men’s Health

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? [1] It’s an observance used across the country to raise awareness about health care for men and focus on encouraging healthy life choices in boys, men and their families. This month we’ve made it our mission to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage a healthy lifestyle among men and boys.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a general term used to describe various conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels, including heart disease. [2] Heart disease affects the cardiovascular system which inhibits the heart’s ability to function. According to the American Heart Association, one in three men in the US suffer from one or more of these conditions and the disease is fatal for many of them. [3]

How to Stay Happy and Healthy

Vitamins are essential to your overall health. They perform many critical roles in your body, from producing energy to ensuring proper function of bodily systems. On average, less than 20% of the best multi-vitamins and supplements are absorbed into your body when taken orally and not getting enough of certain nutrients can negatively impact your health. [4] IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for 99.9% absorption. [5] Getting regular IV Therapy treatments can help maintain good health and prevent dehydration and vitamin-deficiency, decreasing the risk for CVD.

Did you know dehydration causes a strain on your heart? [6] The amount of blood circulating through your body decreases when you’re dehydrated. To compensate, your heart beats faster, increasing your heart rate and causing you to feel palpitations. Hydration is critical to your heart’s health. In fact, a hydrated heart is able to pump blood more easily, allowing the muscles in your body to work better. IV Therapy fights dehydration keeping your heart happy, healthy and hydrated.

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Does Cryotherapy Help Arthritis Pain? Yes!

Does Cryotherapy Help Arthritis Pain? Yes!

Did you know that nearly 50 million people in the United States are affected by arthritis? [1] The pain associated with arthritis is chronic and, in some cases, only gets worse. We hear about the benefits of cryotherapy for athletes but you may not know the benefits for arthritis sufferers. [2] May is National Arthritis Awareness Month so we’re highlighting the benefits of cryotherapy for chronic arthritis. [3]

The term “arthritis” spans more than 100 joint inflammation diseases and conditions. For example, rheumatoid arthritis can cause debilitating pain and typically causes stiffness, swelling or aching. The cause of this disease ranges from genes to injury and the symptoms can build up over time or occur suddenly.

Cryotherapy is an effective means of pain and inflammation management, especially in the case of arthritis symptoms. [4] As a matter of fact, whole body cryotherapy was first used to treat rheumatoid arthritis discomfort and pain. [5] Doctors discovered that cryotherapy could release endorphins and minimize overall sensitivity to pain.

Arthritis pain is chronic and with one out of every five US adults affected by arthritis, it’s the most common disability in the country. Though there’s no cure, cryotherapy has proven to be an effective way to manage the disease. Want to find out more about how cryotherapy can benefit you? Learn more.

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How to Survive Spring Break at Home

How to Survive Spring Break at Home

No plans for a family vacation this Spring Break? Here are three tips for surviving school-free days at home while taking care of your family and yourself.

Be more flexible

Things are going to be out of the ordinary. The kids are out of school which not only affects your schedule but is strange for them as well. Normal rules may not be followed, schedules may be out of whack and tensions may be high but remember to be flexible.

Get a few new and fun things for your kids to do

Remember to have fun! Try some new games, read a few books or explore your city. Do something new and different that the entire family will love.

Schedule in some “mom” time

Recognize that a huge part of staying sane during spring break is having a few moments of peace and quiet each day. Self-care is paramount and we’re here to hook you up! Stop by hydralIVe for a treatment and leave feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on Spring Break. Don’t worry, we have plenty of toys and TVs to keep the kids busy while you have some much needed “mom” time.

How to Prep (and Recover) for Spring Break

Classes, homework, and finals – you thought it would never arrive but Spring Break is finally here! As spring break approaches, follow these three tips on how to prep (and recover).

Before, during, after. Water is your friend. Forgetting that will lead to crippling headaches, shaky hands and the party ending early. But healthy hydration is about more than eight glasses of water a day. IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to the body, to restore optimum hydration and support the immune system.

Get a Healthy Glow
No time to tan? We’ve got you covered! Replace that tan with a healthy go with the Fountain of Youth cocktail. Create a new, fresh look and “glow” with our exclusive formula that utilizes specific vitamins and minerals to saturate the skin cells.

After the party is always the inevitable dehydration. Get your vitamin and nutrient levels back to where they need to be with our Carlos IV Therapy Cocktail. Get a high dose of fluids and vitamins that re-hydrate and detoxify cells, plus anti-nausea and acid reflux meds that alleviate headaches and distress.