Beauty Is An Inside Job – 11 Tips To Discover And Celebrate What Make YOU Special!

Beauty Is An Inside Job – 11 Tips To Discover And Celebrate What Make YOU Special!

Ever watched a beauty pageant?

Where a line-up of the most beautiful women appears on stage, but only three get to win the much-coveted crowns?

If so, you may have noticed that as the shows go on, and more and more girls get eliminated, the focus shifts from outer beauty to the inner one. Judges already know the remaining finalists are all beautiful. Now they are curious to find out if the girls are equally as impressive on the inside to merit a sash and a crown.

Inner beauty becomes the deciding factor. And the three girls who prove their inner essence best, get to win the day.

Real life is not much different from beauty pageants in that way.

No matter how on-point we are with our figures, faces and fashion, there is always someone better looking around the corner. And if our physical attractiveness is not backed up with inner substance, we’re not winning any crowns that day.

Indeed, beauty is an inside job.

But how to cultivate an inner space of beauty which is in perfect harmony with the outside one?

Here are some tips to get you started on this journey that encompasses the mind, body and spirit:

# 1: Style Yourself From The Inside Out

You cannot control how people react to you if you cannot control how you react to yourself. And most times, people are not very happy with the report card they give themselves.

Your mind probably is not currently happening the way you want it. Your body is not happening the way you want it, your emotions are not happening the way you want it or your life energies are not happening the way you want it.

Working to bring each of these areas into balance is the core challenge of inner beauty that must be understood and accepted first.

# 2: Comparison Is A Spirit Killer

You don’t have to be the most beautiful person in the room. Because nobody else is taking stock of all the men or the women present and measuring them up against you. Only you are. And the constant internal, self-deprecating chatter is not cool.

The more you compare yourself with others, the more you will be afraid to fail, and the more you fear failure, the more uncertain you will become about who you are and how attractive your inner self is.

# 3: Physical Beauty Isn’t All That Complicated

The three basic principles of physical beauty in women are: a) clear skin b) facial symmetry c) 75% waist-to-hip ratio. Everything else is anecdotal. So even as you’re self-conscious about some loose skin on your upper arm or how large your feet are, rest assured that they’re not detracting from the overall package that is you.

# 4: Don’t Hide Behind Make-Up

We all love make-up in varying degrees. The problem arises when we cannot even step out of the home without a full face of it. Developing the courage to be seen sometimes with a no-make-up look is an effective way to break this co-dependency and feel comfortable with just who we are.

# 5: Know The Difference Between Reality And Illusion

Boost your self-confidence by finally understanding that your less-than-kind beliefs and ideas about yourself are not events that are happening in reality. They are only happening only in your head, and they really don’t exist.

# 6: Self-Trust Is More Important That Self-Love

Before you can begin to love yourself, lose the fear of trusting yourself first. Because if you don’t trust yourself, it’s easy to be influenced by others, and easy to keep second-guessing your best decisions. Not to mention, put other people in the driver’s seat of your life.

# 7: Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Past Mistakes

A person with inner beauty is not afraid to make mistakes. It’s part of the uniqueness of who he or she is and a journey towards growth and wisdom. 

# 9: Make Health A Priority

Commit to yourself that from this point on, you will take measurable steps to improve your health with a good diet and regular exercise. A well-maintained mind and body is the true secret of inner beauty – and even you know it!

# 10: Nourish Your Soul

Do at least one activity every day that calms the mind and feeds the soul. From journaling to a few minutes of quiet meditation – anything you choose will get you out of your head and in a place where focus and internal harmony is born.

# 11: Don’t Be Last On The List Of People You Care For

Invest in yourself! Remember that beauty is merely a by-product of feeling good, living healthy and having a sense of well-being at most times. But the job isn’t easy. Don’t shy away from self-care as a selfish pursuit. Unless you’re feeling good about yourself, you have not much of value to offer to others.

What’s Your Why? 7 Ways To Never Fail Your Goals For Lack Of Motivation

What’s Your Why? 7 Ways To Never Fail Your Goals For Lack Of Motivation

The fun thing about goals is they’re so enjoyable to dream of. When they take shape in our imagination, fully finished with all the final touches and proudly out there for the world to see. 

The problem is motivation. It’s fickle nature burns bright in the beginning, but quickly begins to fade as time goes on, leaving us stumbling in the resulting darkness where we can no longer see our way. And therefore, the goals remain unreached and unrealized. And we consider ourselves failures.

Below, we will give you 7 ways to ensure that light never dies. So, you can dust off those old goals or pursue new ones with a renewed sense of purpose.

# 1: Check On Your Motivation Daily

American author and speaker Zig Ziglar, once said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” 

Motivation is an emotion. And like any emotion, it ebbs and flows. The trick is to accept the ebbs as an inevitable event and ride the flows.

# 2: Remember Your Whys

Goalsetting is not a random event. You had a very good reason, or perhaps several, to set one. Having your goal visually illustrated is a tried and tested way to never lose sight of them. Create a vision board, write your whys down on the wall, make them a wallpaper on your devises. Whatever keeps them alive in your mind, and always front and center in your thoughts.

# 3: Don’t Let Everyday Life Distract You

Distractions are everywhere, and often it is hard not to get sidelined by the series of not-so-important chores and duties that steal our time and make us stray from our true path. Multi-tasking is an overrated skill that tires you out on your true purpose and doesn’t help you excel  at anything.

# 4: Treat Actions Like Habits

Who here really enjoys brushing their teeth first thing in the morning with a mounting sense of adventure? No one I suppose. Yet we do it as soon as we wake up every day because it’s a habit. And habits don’t need much motivation or thinking.

# 5: Keep Short-Terms Actions In Your Head And The Joy Of Goal Completion In Your Heart

Goal completion is not a short sprint but a long-term journey. Like flying to an international beach destination, which means arranging tickets, booking hotels, packing bags, taking a cab to the airport, checking in etc. Breaking up that kind of experience into small, manageable tasks keeps the mind focused on what you need to accomplish first. Enjoying the visual of yourself on a hammock by the clear sea on a beach in the Maldives once you finally reach, will power those tasks with the promise of an ultimate reward.

# 6: Track Your Progress

Imagine a game of football being played with no one keeping score? How motivated will any of the players be then? Tracking your progress and celebrating even your smallest successes keep you excited about achieving bigger ones. 

# 7: Eat Right, Sleep Well

Rest and nutrition have a direct impact on our emotions. And motivation is an emotion that springs from a sense of good health and well-being.

Good luck!

In The Busy World Of Multitasking, How Can you Focus?

In The Busy World Of Multitasking, How Can you Focus?

In today’s fast-moving world, the only way to keep up with progress is by multitasking. Or so we’re constantly being told.

There are more than 6 million webpages out there, offering a wealth of tips on how to become a better multitasker. Career consultants are listing multitasking as a necessary component in a jobseeker’s core skillset. Promotions are coming easier to those employees who are deemed to be more efficient at multitasking than their colleagues. Even stay-at-home moms are taking pride in their ability to multitask like a master juggler when they are cooking, looking after the kids and IM-ing their friends on social media at the same time.

Learn to multitask or fall behind in the race as an underserving also-ran, is the message we’re being fed in schools, homes and workplaces. 

Yet, this premise couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Multitasking isn’t simply an overrated skill. It’s inefficient, ineffective – and sometimes, even downright dangerous.

Why? Because human brains are not designed to multitask. And here’s a very short science lesson to explain this.

When we’re multitasking, we’re using what is known as our short-term memory, which has a very limited capacity to hold information. Studies in the 1950s concluded that our short-term memory can hold up to 7 pieces of information at any given time. But modern research has proved it’s just 2-3.

So, when we’re overloading our short-term brain with multiple tasks, all it can do is let go of the other pieces of information to make space for the new one. In a vicious cycle of accept-and-discard – accomplishing nothing of real value.

One of the things we want to encourage you to think about this week is how you can bring more focused time in your life and accomplish the tasks that really matter. And how you can do it really well by doing just one thing at a time.

# 1:Discourage Novelty Bias

This is a fascinating piece of finding that proves how multitasking comes with multicosts. When we’re working on, say a project on our computer, with a phone nearby and constant access to emails and instant team share platforms where our colleagues are constantly pinging us, we can concentrate on the project for just 35-40 seconds before we get distracted and lose focus.

Something called a novelty bias in our brains actually seeks out these distractions for a quick dose of dopamine, and we can’t resist the urge to keep checking our phone for Facebook notifications, or refresh our email inbox, or feel the urge to respond to a colleague instantly – instead of focusing only on the most important task at hand.

The only way to train our brain in this scenario is to intentionally reduce the environmental chatter. Turn off social media notifications for the time being or keep your phone facing upside down. Tell yourself you will not check on your emails until after you’ve completed the priority task you are working on. This way, it will get so much easier to focus and increase your productivity in any meaningful way.

# 2: Listen To White Noise

If you work in a busy office, it is difficult not to tune in to the conversations and events happening all around you. Listening to white noise while you focus on your work is an extremely effective way to shut out these ambient distractions.

White noise is a sort of soundtrack that combines all different frequencies of sound with equal intensities at once. And since white noise contains all frequencies, it has the capability to mask any interrupting sounds. You will soon tune out the monotonous sound of waterfall or rain or whatever the white noise is masked with, and find you’re feeling more focused – and only focused – on what you’re doing at the moment.

# 3:Take Short Breaks

Break the stranglehold of distraction on your ability to focus by giving your brain the reward of pre-planned breaks. Vigilance decrement, or losing focus over time, is a proven brain behavior, and short breaks in the middle of a long task leaves you feeling reenergized and ready to return with a fresh perspective each time.

# 4:Doodle To Improve Your Focus

Sounds counterintuitive, right? But research has proved that doodling increases focus, helps in memory retention and makes it easier to digest information being imparted audibly. Surely, a huge help if you’re stuck in a long, boring meeting where you’ll likely to tune out or, even worse, fall asleep in the middle of a dull presentation?

(An interesting aside: apparently, 26 of 44 of our American Presidents doodled. Theodore Roosevelt doodled animals and children. Ronald Reagan doodled cowboys and football players. John F. Kennedy doodled dominoes.)

# 5: Climate Control Your Environment

Feeling too hot or too cold can impede your attempts to concentrate. A study from Cornell University has found employees to be most productive and making fewer errors in an environment that is somewhere between 68 and 77 degrees. Another study from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland pegs the temperature at a definitive 71 degrees.

7 Steps To Combatting The Virulent Flu

7 Steps To Combatting The Virulent Flu

Not trying to scare anyone here, but the outlook on the current flu season is not good. 

More than 42 million cases of flu were reported last year, and according to CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention) estimates, there were 61,200 deaths and over 600,000 people hospitalized. It was the longest flu season in a decade. 

The portents for this year are alarming as well, and US health professionals are preparing for the virus to come back with a vengeance in the winter of 2019-2020.

Flu season started in October and is expected to ramp up between December and February. Now is the time to make sure you and your family are taking all the right steps to avoid the annual scourge of the flu and be present for the Holiday festivities with great health, enthusiasm and wellness.

We’re going to help you do just that with this list of anti-flu precautions. So keep on reading:

# 1: Please Get Your Flu Shots – If You Already Haven’t

More than 40% of Americans forgo this free service (the cost is included in your health insurance) our health department is offering to keep us protected. True, the efficacy of a flu shot is not a 100% guarantee. The flu virus morphs and regenerates every year – which makes it so virulent – but having the shot anyway reduces risks of complications even if you do happen to get sick.

# 2: Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Flu spreads with touch. And when you’re out and about, you are always touching something. Keep a hand sanitizer handy. And use it often. When you shake hands, open doors, hold the rails in buses and trains. Wash your hands as often as you can. 

# 3: Fortify Your Body’s Natural Immune System

Zinc and Vitamin C are your best allies during a flu outbreak. Increase your dietary intake of both these infection-fighters with foods like sweet peppers, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and winter squash (for vitamin C) and lamb, beef, spinach, legumes, seeds, nuts and dairy (for zinc).

# 4: Don’t Compromise On Sleep

We know this is the festive season and you want to make the most of your evenings. Try to maintain a regular sleep timetable though, because that is when your body chemistry does all its imperceptible good work to make sure your health and immune system are functioning at an optimal level. And keep grinches, like the nasty flu virus, at bay.

# 5: Be Extra-Careful In Crowds

Crowded places like airline cabins or movie theatres are breeding grounds for infections to spread. This time of year, they are particularly unsavory because of the clear-and-present threat of flu floating in the air. We understand that wearing a nose-and-mouth mask may cramp your style when you’re out on a movie date night or traveling to join your family for Christmas celebrations. 

At least wash your hands often. Don’t stick your hand into the chair pocket in front of you in an airplane. (Those pockets are literally the most germ-infested area in an airplane. Yes, more than the bathrooms.) Be aware that we touch our eyes, nose, mouth or face every 20 seconds, and make sure you’re not doing it with un-sanitized hands. If someone coughs or sneezes near you, hold your breath for as long as you comfortably can. And then exhale and inhale into a sanitized wipe napkin.

# 6: Be Extra Careful With Children

Kids will do what they will. Sure, you can keep an eye on them when they are at home or travelling with you. But other times? What can you really do? Teach them why they need to use the hand sanitizer while they are at school. If you think that message will stick, without turning them into a germophobe for life, we totally support you doing it. As long as you moderate your lessons.

# 7: Get An IV Therapy

IV therapy sounds like a hospital treatment when you’re sick. Actually, it is a very affordable lifestyle choice. If you want to live well, with your body functioning optimally, the nutrients, vitamins and other fortification minerals that an IV therapy can put into your body is absorbed fully and instantaneously. Get in touch with us at Hydralive Therapy if you want to learn how IV therapy can boost your immunity system and give you a short-cut solution to good health and good life – especially when the flu is running rampant in our communities.

You can buy memberships and gift cards during the holidays to gift that feeling of wellness to yourself – and family and loved ones too!

Stay safe, stay healthy and best wishes for a memorable holiday!

36 Ways To Beat Holiday Anxieties And Be The Amazing Hostess You Really Are!

36 Ways To Beat Holiday Anxieties And Be The Amazing Hostess You Really Are!

The Holiday season is supposed to be about joyful times being spent with family and friends. Instead, nearly a quarter of Americans report feeling “extreme stress” at this time of year.

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, women are more likely than men to experience increased stress levels during the Holiday season, and they’re less likely to take the time to relax or manage that stress in constructive and healthy ways.

With just a few, short weeks between now and Christmas, we have put together an emergency survival guide that we hope will help our women clients cope with the overwhelming challenges of budgeting, planning and cooking for big Holiday parties and family get-togethers, while keeping their anxiety under control, their health on point and their sanity intact. Read on for some very interesting ideas and tips that will help you organize and enjoy the season to the fullest this year:

# 1: There Isn’t `Plenty Of Time’

Don’t leave your Holiday planning for later, buoyed by the false notion that there’s still “plenty of time”. It’s November and there really isn’t. Amazing how time just seems to fly during this last quarter of the year, and you can’t afford to sit back and wait for Thanksgiving to be over before you shift gears to Holiday mode. Do it now, start shopping now, so you can really enjoy a stress-free December.

# 2: Get Over Thanksgiving

Before you can see Christmas in the horizon, you have to close the Thanksgiving chapter — fully and finally — for this year. That means cleaning out the refrigerator, putting away your Thanksgiving dinner paraphernalia etc. Empty your living space and your mind to make room for Christmas because — like you well know — it’s going to demand all of it!

# 3: `Feel’ The Meaning Of Your Holiday

Know what you’re planning before you actually start planning. What do you want from this season? The answer’s pretty easy because most of us want the same thing — to feel elevated and overjoyed in the renewed connection with our community, family, friends and ourselves. That’s the true magic of the season and visualizing this state of mind empowers our Holiday planning with so much positivity, enthusiasm and anticipation. 

# 4: Peg Down Your Holiday Budget

Credit cards are a great thing, until the bills come flooding in to replace all the Holiday joy with payment worries. Nearly two-thirds of American families overshoot their budget because they didn’t make one in the first place. Have an amount in mind that you’re comfortable spending, and keep it pegged down by a few hundred dollars of grace space. That way, if you overspend, you’re still okay.

# 5: Make Your Cards Post Office Friendly

Help the Post Office help you with speedy greeting cards delivery. With the automated mail delivery system, the 3 Golden Rules of writing addresses are these: use capital letters; don’t use any punctuations like periods or commas; include the long, 9-digit postal code if possible. The USPS website has a Zip Code Locator that will spew out the full zip code of an address in a jiffy.

# 6: Here Is Santa’s Canadian Postal Code

H0H 0H0. For all moms out there, this is Santa’s official postal code in Canada. Any letter sent to him with this postal code will be opened and answered by Santa’s busy elves at the Canadian postal office. Remember that the `0′ is the number zero and not an alphabet. The full mailing address should read: Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0.

# 7: Did Santa Write To Your Kids?

You can get “authentic” handwritten letters from Santa for your kids to find under the tree on Christmas morning. The little ones are so smart these days, but they cannot possibly doubt Santa’s favorite font and the official North Pole postmark on their letters, right? Visit to request Santa to write a personal letter to your family this year.

# 8: Start The De-Clutter And Say “No More Clutter!”

Daily life brings daily detritus of clutter that pile up in spite of our best efforts. Starting now, look around the house and plan to de-clutter a little bit at a time even while you’re going about your daily chores. Do it by room or just pick up as you go. When the time comes to start heavy-duty pre-Holiday cleaning, so much will already have been accomplished without even trying. Keep an eye out for new clutter build-up possibilities, and just say “No!”. 

# 9: Take Away All Decorative “Extras”

Before you start decorating, take a moment to think if you really need all the usual decorative pieces that do not support the Holiday mood. Make room for Holiday inclusions by removing breakable and other portable stuff that don’t belong in the December decor scheme. Not only will your living room look less overloaded, there will be so much more space for your guests to put down their glasses, plates, platters and other entertainment paraphernalia you want them to enjoy.

# 10: Do A Pre-Holidays Closet Check

What will you wear to the office Christmas party or family gathering this year? How about all the unexpected social engagements that invariably creep into your calendar as December draws closer? With so many chores occupying our mind, planning outfits becomes a hurried, last-minute decision we aren’t fully satisfied with. Now’s the time to do a closet check for the entire family.

# 11: No Home-Cooked Dinners? No Problem!

Time is a finite thing and you only have so much of it. The week or two before Christmas, you may well not have time to cook dinner for the family. Explain the situation to them, shop for ready and frozen meals, and don’t feel guilty. You’re putting up the show of the year here. You cannot get bogged down with daily cooking duties as well, if you’re short on time!

# 12: How Many Gifts Will Santa Bring? 

Too often, parents are unsure of their surprise Santa choices and end up spending too much money on too many gifts. Instead of frittering away their attention on a bunch of knick-knacks, a simple practice may be to limit Santa’s gifts to only 3 things per child. One gift to read, one gift to wear and one gift to play with. Remember that you can make each gift as special as your budget allows, and grandparents, aunts and uncles will be adding more to the loot under the tree in the evening!

# 13: Don’t Do Guilty Add-Ons To The Original Gift

More than 69% of Americans worry about gift budgets during Christmas. So, we buy a gift on sale, and then have guilt pangs about how it simply isn’t good enough. Then, we set about undoing the mistake by buying more stuff to support the first one. Result? We actually end up spending a lot more than we ever intended. Get it right the first time by not giving in to the temptation of a deep discount. Be confident that the gift is worthy on its own, and you won’t have second thoughts afterwards.

# 14: Think Of Non-Messy Stocking Stuffers

Candy is a popular choice to fill stocking with, as are dinky cars and other small goodies that get strewn about the house on Christmas morning, creating yet another clean-up chore in an already busy day. Instead of expecting the kids to set aside their excitement and tidy after themselves, it might be a good idea to not include any small, mess-prone stocking stuffers to begin with.

# 15: Pack Gifts With Airport Security In Mind

If you’re traveling home for the Holidays, wrap your gifts in such a way that airport security can look inside. A simple idea is to use lidded boxes and wrap the two pieces separately. Remember that security will be beefed up in all airports and luggage scrutiny will intensified. You absolutely don’t want anything among your Holiday gifts to look remotely suspicious.

# 16: Plan For Holiday House Guests

If you have friends or family staying with you during the Holidays, take some time out to think of their comfort. How you will prepare the guest room or which bathroom will they use or which sofa bed they will sleep on? Consider beddings, towels and other home stuff they will use from your closet. It’s always fun to prepare a simple “welcome basket” with some night snacks, toiletries and books/magazines that make guests feel less guilty about “imposing” and more assured of their welcome in your home.

# 17: Plan A Time-Out Just To Pamper Yourself

Book a massage or promise yourself a treat of mani-pedi – anything that makes you feel good about yourself. But don’t use it just yet! Save the break for later — much later — when you’re knee deep in Holiday preparation. As you’re mucking out the fireplace or looking at some serious carpet cleaning to be done, know that you’ll soon be pampering yourself with this special treat. It will make the ordeal of housework so much more bearable.

# 18: Get Enough B-Complex

B-complex vitamins help to calm frayed nerves, improve mood and relieve symptoms of fatigue. Get plenty of B-complex in your diet by eating vitamin B-rich meals like spinach omelets and three-bean salads. 

If you’re strapped for time, an IV therapy fortified with B-complex will quickly take care of the vitamin shortfall in your system.

Even while you’re preparing for the Holidays, real life does not stop happening and you need to be physically ready to multitask like a pro.

# 19: What’s Cooking For Christmas Morning Breakfast? 

If you want to start off Christmas day with a festive breakfast, you can still save time by choosing dishes that can easily be prepared ahead. We found a wonderful set of Christmas Morning recipes that will not have you slaving in the kitchen and missing out on all the family fun. From potato and kale frittatas to over-sized breakfast muffins and lox, eggs and onion quiche — find the most delicious and simple recipes here.

# 20: Wake Up Before The Kids On Christmas Morning

Don’t stay in bed until the kids come to wake you. Get a head start on all the excitement ahead by preparing breakfast — and a trash bag to immediately collect all the torn gift wrappers, tissues, ribbons and empty boxes before they explode all over the house. Play a Christmas CD to set the mood for the morning and have hot chocolate ready to greet everyone with on this rather memorable day.

# 21: Call Or Face Time Your Family Overseas

Calling or face timing with members of the family who are abroad is a great way to include them in your celebrations. As hostess, it is a very thoughtful gesture on your part and the people you call will feel so touched that you remembered them in the midst of hosting a party.

# 22: For People With No Holidays

Bake a few batches of cookies with your children and take them to distribute the cookies at your local fire station, police department or among staff at the local hospital — all people who don’t get to spend Christmas with their families because they are busy keeping us safe.

# 23: Release Christmas Wish Balloons 

It’s a very therapeutic practice for both adults and young. Fix a time when the whole family sits together to think about one wish they want to come true for the family in the New Year. Discuss the wish, enjoy a session of group positive thinking, and then write the wish down on balloons. Release the balloons and watch the winds carry them away. This simple activity will ground your anxieties and put you in a very optimistic state of mind.

# 24: Help Your Pet Help His/Her Own Community

Involve your pet in the Holiday spirit of Giving Back. Make up a goody bag with inexpensive toys, treats and food. Take your pet and the kids to donate it at a local dog/cat shelter or sanctuary, so some homeless animals can also have something to celebrate this year.

# 25: Notice The `Sensations’ Of Holiday Preparation

When monotony sets in with a chore, take the time to actually notice how the cookie dough is squishing under your fingers, how the wreath is taking shape with each piece of greenery you add to the circular frame. Smell Christmas in the crisp, wintry air. Engaging your sensations in the job at hand will remind you of the reason why you’re doing it — and the pleasure will all come flooding back again.

# 26: Expect Your Man To Annoy You

Men rarely understand the stress of hostessing. The fine nuances of great party-giving are often lost on the male population, as long as food and drinks are plenty. So yes, your man will annoy you, get in your way, question your concerns — basically be of no help at all. Take that as a given and move on. Find clever ways of engaging him with elbow grease chores and show him your appreciation by not being ornery at other times. 

Hard, we know, but he will be so grateful…and maybe more useful…  🙂

A large family are all helping serve Christmas dinner.

# 27: Be Prepared For Extra Guests

You better be because unexpected guests are a phenomenon that visits your home when you’re least expecting it. Imagine the possibility of extra seating at the table, prepare two people’s worth of extra food and put together a couple of small gifts, just in case. People feel so embarrassed showing up at the last minute, your thoughtfulness will definitely put them at ease.

# 28: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It is so easy to fall behind on self-care when you’re in charge of a major event like throwing a Christmas party. Hydration is crucial at this time. If you’re feeling dehydrated, lackluster or low on energy, call us or email us and let us know. We’ll find just the right IV therapy cocktail to get you back in the saddle and charging ahead with your Holiday plans in no time!

# 29: Reduce Appetizers To Nibble-Size

Cut your appetizer recipe quantities by half at least. Make them toothpick or cocktail size for the simple reason that guests always show up hungry and platters of beautiful appetizers are so irresistible they overeat without meaning to and cannot do full justice afterwards to the wonderful sit-down meal you have slaved over.

# 30: Break Up The Tedium

Take frequent breaks while you’re doing all the heavy-duty preparation stuff. Step outside with a cup of chamomile tea or pop some crackly, air-popped snacks in your mouth. These actions really help in breaking up the tedium. Instead of music, listen to an audio book or a favorite radio program, news or an online speech. Keeping your mind occupied will make you forget what your hands are doing.

# 31: This Is A Good Time To Try Cryotherapy

Fortify yourself with a rush of adrenaline and feel-good, happy hormones by treating yourself to a Cryotherapy session. Just 2-3 minutes in a chamber cooled to temperatures between -238°F to -274°F with liquid nitrogen will help you relieve muscle and joint pains, reduce anxiety and stress levels and help you sleep better at a time when you’re probably awake half the night, making to-do lists in your head.

# 32: Don’t Panic If Some Guests Show Up Early

As any accomplished hostess will tell you, early-bird guests are the bane of last-minute preparations. Don’t get tripped up or caught with half your make-up on by completing all essential prep jobs at least 30 minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive. 

# 33: Avoid Fights With A Smart Seating Arrangement

As hostess, seat planning is a right you can exercise to make sure the meal progresses smoothly with no warring family members starting an embarrassing fight. Think about the politics among people on your guest list and place the volatile ones as far away from each other as possible.

# 34: Assess The Alcohol Intake

Christmas parties are never complete unless Aunt Agatha gets tipsy on the aperitif and Uncle Bob is inspired by excess wine to finish an unsettled dispute with Uncle Barry. Keep your guests hydrated with lots of water, and confiscate car keys if necessary. They will all thank you the day after.

We’re thinking an IV therapy at one of our Hydralive clinics may be a good idea too! Uncle Bob could certainly use a quick hangover cure! 

Contact us, and we’ll help you set one appointment up. Or two, or half-a-dozen depending on how many Uncle Bobs you have in the family… 🙂

# 35: Finally, Let Perfectionism Go

You have worked really hard to create a magical Christmas experience for your friends and loved ones. The deed is done, the guests have arrived. Now is the time to let down your guard and let the energy of the party carry things along. After the first few minutes, nobody will notice small things going wrong here and there. The camaraderie will have taken over, and as a seasoned hostess you job is to join the spirit. Go on, have fun! You’ve so earned it!

# 36: Treat Yourself At A Hydralive Clinic

Once the Holiday season is over, there is a shiny, new 2020 waiting just ahead with new hopes, new ideas and new resolutions for a whole new YOU. Step into this New Year feeling on top of the world!

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National Healthy Skin Month: 6 Hydration Tips That Will Keep You Glowing This Fall

National Healthy Skin Month: 6 Hydration Tips That Will Keep You Glowing This Fall

November is National Healthy Skin Month, when everyone is encouraged by the American Academy of Dermatology to learn more about healthy skin and how to keep it looking its best.

At Hydralive, we think there couldn’t be a better opportunity to talk about skincare than this time of year. Humidity levels have dropped now, the air is drier, and many of you are currently feeling the dehydrating effects of Fall with parched, flaky skin that no amount of moisturizing creams is being able to cure.

You know why?

Because moisturizing and hydrating are not the same thing!

Cosmetic and skincare companies use the terms interchangeably on their product labels, which is why people often don’t understand the real difference and feel frustrated when their expensive moisturizing products don’t improve the condition of their skin.

Moisturizing products can only lock in whatever moisture is available and prevent its evaporation from the skin. Hydration, on the other hand, increases water content in your skin cells. So, unless you’re hydrating sufficiently, there is only so much that your moisturizing serums and creams can do to help you.

A second important factor that affects your skin’s hydration balance is ceramides. Ceramides act as a natural moisture barrier, but as you age, your reserve of ceramides gets depleted, which leaves the skin feeling excessively dry and prone to `crepey’ texture and wrinkles. 

The secret to plump, youthful, glowing skin that defies the passage of time is hydration. When plenty of moisture is available to the cells, skin elasticity improves, there is reduced oiliness and more protection from seasonal changes and environmental irritants. Accumulated toxins also flush out more effectively because your cells are getting the optimal amount of hydration they need to function at their best.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is common wisdom these days when it comes to hydrating the body. But it is still not clear if drinking sufficient water can really impact the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.

So, what are the most effective ways to make sure you’re not dehydrating your skin? Here are 6 proven tips:

# 1: Get IV Therapy

The skin is not a priority when it comes to distribution of water in the body. Other organs use the available hydration first, which is why IV therapy can bypass the natural process and directly replenish your skin with essential fluids, vitamins and antioxidants like glutathione.

What’s more, the skin-boosting nutrients are absorbed quickly when administered intravenously, showing results within 24 hours, which is why a lot of celebrities use IV therapy for skin before appearing for a major event to look fresh and glowing for the cameras.

# 2: Use Pure Coconut Oil

Hydrate your skin naturally with pure coconut oil. Apply the oil directly on the face, and massage it into your neck, arms and legs if necessary, before going to bed. Coconut oil will hydrate hair too if you leave it on overnight and shampoo the morning after.

Remember that coconut oil in its purest form will harden at room temperature during this time of year and has to be held over a heat source or zapped in the microwave for 10-15 seconds in order to melt before use.

# 3: No More Hot Water Showers

It’s tempting to relax in hot water showers during Fall and Winter, but this habit can damage keratin cells and leave the skin feeling dry, dehydrated and itchy. Use lukewarm water instead.

# 4: Apply A Moisturizer While Still Damp

The job of moisturizers is to lock in hydration, and they are most effective when applied straight out of the shower over damp skin.

# 5: Exfoliate With Natural Ingredients

Exfoliation removes dry, dead skin cells, unclogs pores and allows moisturizing creams and serums to penetrate the skin. Some natural, homemade exfoliating pastes we recommend are:

• Oatmeal

• Sugar mixed with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

• Ground rice mixed with yoghurt

• Turmeric mixed with milk

# 6: Use Collagen Or Silk Pillow Covers

Your face has more contact with a pillow cover than any other fabric, so it is part of your healthy skincare too. Collagen-infused pillowcases soften and hydrate the skin while you sleep. Silk pillow covers keep moisture close to your skin and help it stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market. If nothing else, change your pillowcases regularly as they collect oil, sweat, dirt, allergens and bacteria.