Defensive Blend


• Strengthens bones

• Defends against cancer

• Heals chronic and fungal infections

• Maintains strong brain function

• Assists in weight loss

• Improves sense of taste, smell, and vision

• Cures acnes, reduces hair loss

• Boosts immunity and energy levels



• Stimulates brain function

• Boosts immunity and energy

• Reduces symptoms of arthritis

• Assists with normal growth and health

• Prevents premature aging

• Protects the sheath surrounding nerve fibers

• Helps the absorption of iron and RBC formation

• Maintains color pigmentations (skin/eye color)



• Controls blood sugar levels

• Maintains thyroid health

• Alleviates PMS symptoms

• Increases mineral bone density or spinal bone

• Prevents osteoporosis

• Improves metabolism / digestion

• Remedy for sprains/inflammation

• Monitors the activity of free radicals in the body



• Controls blood sugar

• Helps maintain proper muscle function

• Converts fatty acids into energy

• Supports cognitive function, increases mental focus / stamina, increases mental acuity

• Relieves fatigue, promotes / enhances performance / endurance

• Helps body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins



• Acts as an antioxidant

• Defends against oxidative stress

• Defends against cancer

• Boosts immunity

• Improves blood flow

• Lowers the chance of heart disease

• Regulates thyroid function

• Increases longevity

• Reduces asthma symptoms

• Boosts fertility

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